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» Production of knitted fabric made in italy

Production of knitted fabric made in italy The fabric production includes cashmere mixed wool, alpaca mixed wool, wool mixed acrylic, recycled cotton, fantasy of wool mohair, 100% wool, micromodal and angora, micromodal and wool, seacell, viscose. The types of work are RASATO, FELPA, jacquard. We produce knitted fabric with yarns (wool, angora, viscose and cashmere) from title 1000 to title 80000.

» Knitted fabric in seacell fiber (SEAP)

The Seacell Pure is a cellulose fiber made from lyocell technology and the innovative addition of seaweed as an active component. The result is a product in wich we add the properties of cellulose fiber with those derived from healthy and beneficial effects that marine algae produce in the human body.

» Knitted fabrics made with organic cotton

Natural yarn of organic origin and farming, dyed with procedures that respect the enviroment and ensure a hypo-allergenic fabric in contact with skin. Organic cotton grow with organic methods that combine ancient and modern knowledges to reduce the impact of agricultural activities on the environment and on the health of the farmers.

» Knitted fabric made with bamboo fiber

The fiber used derives from a type of bamboo grown in plantations in highlands free from pesticides and pollution. The fiber of bamboo is 100% biodegradable and fertilized only with organic substances.

» Deocell

Deocell is a newly invented product that neutralizes surrounding odors.

» Protein Rose Fiber


Fiber of mixed cereals

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