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» Knitted fabric in seacell fiber (SEAP)

The Seacell Pure is a cellulose fiber made from lyocell technology and the innovative addition of seaweed as an active component. The result is a product in wich we add the properties of cellulose fiber with those derived from healthy and beneficial effects that marine algae produce in the human body.

The Seacell pure fiber is soft and breathable, promotes a pleasant feeling of well being. It can be perfectly mixed with all natural and synthetic fibers and it's particularly suitable for underwear and childcare articles.

Benefical effects for health

Seaweeds are rich in minerals and vitamins and encourage the re-mineralization of the epidermis. Protect the skin, have anti-inflammatory and other properties that have proved beneficial in dermatological treatments. The structure of pure seacell facilitate an active exchange between the fiber and the skin. The natural body moisture releases the active components of the fiber when it comes in contact with the skin. The characteristics of the fiber remain active even after many washes.

The strenght of seaweed in a fiber

The sea is the origin of life, full of interesting secrets. A large number of substances used in medicine today, also for the benefit of human health, come from the sea. The seaweed, for example, with their precious ingredients contribute in the human well-being.
On this basis there is the idea of a fiber with undeniable benefits, thanks to its combination of natural substances (cellulose fiber) and the active elements of the sea.

After a period of intensive research this idea has resulted a breakthrough cellulose associated with seaweed. The seaweed is then incorporated in a stable manner in the fiber, with the effect of marine substances that remain permanently in the fiber.

Seacell structure facilitates the active exchange of substances between the fiber and the skin – vital elements such as calcium, magnesium or vitamin E, when the fiber is worn, they are released through the skin's natural moisture. In addition, its properties provide the advantages of textile softness and breathability, ensuring fit and pure confort. “Pure” always mean NOT FAKE. Seacell fiber also means just that – pure effect of the seaweed. Infact, the ingredients of sea water are enriched in the seaweed. This explains the high content of various minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. The seaweeds provide an active action and the skin remain fresh and elastic.
In "Pure Seacell" you find all the benefits of the sea in a fabric.

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